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Federica Buzzi - DEMIMMONDE

Residence of Reflection

January 14th - February 20th, 2019

HECTOLITRE presents Federica Buzzi, Italian curator and the first "thinker" to take a chalenge of our Residency of reflection project. Federica will stay at HECTOLITRE from Jan 14 to Feb 20, and her research will be presented in an public event, scheduled for Feb 14, 2019. Here is the curatorial statement:

DEMIMMONDE is a platform exploring eroticism and space.
DEMIMMONDE draws its name from demi-monde, a term used in the nineteenth century to designate artists, women and extravagant characters on the fringes of respectable society.
DEMIMMONDE focuses on all dirty matters in architecture and beyond.
On the 14th February 2019 DEMIMMONDE is going to throw an event of live performances and music reconnecting to the heritage of the former swingers club “La Porte des Sens” as a space of sexual transgression, subversion of social norms and a metaphor for promiscuous interdisciplinary couplings.
The evening programme is going to unravel in three chapters: “La Porte de l'Impudence”, with artists whose work presents radical perspectives on eroticism and sexuality; “La Porte de la Dissidence” featuring dissident artistic practices that break with the given social norms; “La Porte de Non-Sens”, delving into the surreal potential of swinging culture. Each chapter will have to contributions of around 30’ by artists, performers and musicians.
The structure of DEMIMMONDE’s inaugural event teases and mocks the highly ritualised system of semi-public spaces for sexual encounters. Spawned by the dreamlike interiors of “La Port des Sens”, DEMIMMONDE subverts conventional erotic narratives and opens the door to unleashed desires and different ways of experiencing spaces designed for sex.

Photo: courtesy of Serena Vittorini