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Artists and cultural professionals currently living and working at Hectolitre
Artistes et professionnels de la culture vivant et travaillant actuellement à Hectolitre

Mladen Bundalo
Born 1986 in Prijedor, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
An interdisciplinary artist working on a visual, dialogical, and autoethnographical system addressing movement, exchange, value, inflation, temporality, compatibility, and uncertainty, as nodal categories in the experience of modern society.
Lives and works in Brussels.
Webpage: http://www.mladenbundalo.com/

Pierre-Louis Cassou
Film and audio-visual art producer (France, 1982).
Founder of La tangente, production structure. Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Harry Chapman
b.1988, London, UK.
Lives and works in Brussels.

Claire Ducène
Visual artist (Belgium, 1986).
Works on Memories & Records, In-situ installations (Paintings, Drawings, Videos, Sculptures, Engravings, Furnitures & Literature).
Lives and works between Brussels & Barcelona.

Lucie Fournier
Cultural professional(France, 1985).
Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium