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Artists, cultural professionals and activists currently in residency at Hectolitre
Artistes, gestionnaire culturel et militants actuellement en résidence à Hectolitre

Mladen Bundalo
Born 1986 in Prijedor, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
An interdisciplinary artist working on visual-dialogical systems that address movement, exchange, value, inflation, and uncertainty, as nodal categories in the experience of modern society.
Lives and works in Brussels.

Pierre-Louis Cassou
Film and audio-visual art producer (France, 1982).
Founder of La tangente, production structure. Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Chloe Delanghe
(b.1991, Ostend) is a visual artist living and working in Brussels. Delanghe’s practice is focused mainly on photography and film/video. Her work invites us to contemplate the mechanisms of the camera and the role they play in (re)constructing and fictionalising memory and family. Blurring contemporary and archaic photographic genres, her work often examines the act of looking itself.

Louise Dendraën
Filmmaker and artists working between France and Belgium. Her work researchs the relation between reality and fantasy in cinema. She is known for short-films SANS VELOURS (2021) and LES ENFANTS ET LA CHÈVRE (2018).

Mattijs Driesen
Mattijs Driesen (1994) is a filmmaker and doctoral student at LUCA School of Arts. He conducts artistic research on the camera and fiction in relation to school and pedagogy. As a teacher, he is active in LUCA School of Arts and in various high schools in Brussels.

Lucie Fournier
Cultural professional(France, 1985).
Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Alyssa Gersony
An interdisciplinary artist, vision rehabilitation therapist and orientation and mobility specialist based in New York City and Rīga, Latvia.

Catalina Insignares
A Colombian choreographer.
She is interested in finding ways to infiltrate sensorial practices in diverse social contexts. She’s interested on how to use the sensorial and fictional means of the body and of touch to develop ways to communicate with the invisible, particularly with the dead. She always works through collaboration, her main partners in art are Myriam Lefowitz and Carolina Mendonça.

Laure Hocine
(1997) is a Belgian born artist who is residing and working in London.
She primarily works with video installations and is currently experimenting with automated movement of the video display. She previously was working on mouvements relating to car ride sickness and is interested in gaps between expected and actual motions. https://www.dinolaure.com

David Labi
David Labi is founder of ethical storytelling collective Good Point, helping ethical brands and campaigns increase their impact.
Born in London, he has lived in Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Berlin – and now Brussels.
David is a creative facilitator, cultural producer, filmmaker, and writer, who works to bring joy and build empathy.

Nancy LaRosa
Nancy La Rosa (1980) is a Peruvian artist that works across drawing, printing, photography, video and installation to refer to the extraction of common goods as well as to the power relations that exist in traditional representations of the territory. She’s interested in the ways in which territories are experienced, represented, and valued, in addition to the social implications of the current economic model, linked to predation, contamination, indifference or violence.

Luciana Merino Coca
was born in Lima, Perú (16.09.1990) She is constantly looking for selfrepresentation tools. Ussually collects images, intervene and generates new scenes as a therapeutic means of communicating personal narratives and buried memories to talk about topics such as family, identity and feminism.

Petar Sarjanović
Petar Sarjanović (b.1986) is a dramaturg, writer and researcher from Zagreb, now living in Brussels. He is active as co-organizer and advisor of smaller-scale festivals and events.
Trailer 'Everything I don't know, I've stolen': https://vimeo.com/408166510

Lora Verheecke
Activist and podcast author from Brussels researching the lobbying of big companies in Brussels, with a particular focus on European trade treaties.