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Curated by Célestine à Gallipoli

16 février 2019 / 18h-20h

Within the framework of the residency project at Hectolitre, the artists Lia Garcia (ME) and Anna Raimondo (ITA/BE) will present a new performance and work in progress titled “Intimate Acts - Becoming Mermaids”.
Both artists’ practices are characterised by trans-gender and intersectional feminist approaches, and also share a common interest in questioning and analysing the figure of the mermaid as a queer archetype.
For this occasion, as mermaids in an empty swimming pool, they will enact a dialogue on the key concepts that each artist associates with this the figure of the mermaid, whilst activating some alternative narratives through the use of the voice as principal medium.

The performance will begin at 7pm until 8pm and will be in english. Doors open at 6 pm.

--- Artists

Lia Garcia
Anna Raimondo

[Photo: Catherine Xu]