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Residence of Reflection #2

April 01st - April 28th, 2019

HECTOLITRE presents Patrice Qi, Dutch artist participating at the second edition of Residency of Reflection. Patrice will stay at Hectolitre in period of Apr 01-28, and her research will be presented in an public event, scheduled for April 26, 2019. Here is the research's statement:

In my preliminary research, I learned of a fact about the Marolles neighborhood particularly interesting to me: the Palais de Justice that views over one of the city’s central streets. An artist sensitive to feminist thinking, I was immediately propelled to use the Palace as a symbol in research about neighborhood relations in the context of contemporary feminist views of the body. My intention is to |re|phrase and |re|utter concepts of justice tied to the human body through audio exploration and conversations with people. Working with sound design is, in my experience, a tool that can connect with people’s emotions. From the point of view of a maker with research goals, I would like to propose to work toward the careful exposure of personal and shared experiences, touching upon the topic we all have in common: the relationship we have with ourselves and the body. During the residency, I would like to explore the neighborhood in the light of my intentions and begin with asking and developing questions that I would like to talk about with people and use for artistic research. The making of an audio memory of personal and shared experiences in the neighborhood connected to a feminist perspective could be a valuable addition in the process of community development and artistic awareness of the Marolles.

Residence of Reflection is a one-month artist-in-residence programme dedicated to international research artist, curators and thinkers willing to work in Brussels. The residency seeks to reflect on challenges as for instance: How to connect parallel communities co-existing in a single neighborhood? What does it mean to create a memory of growing relations and exchanges? How to place an artist within a community and strengthen a collectivity within art?


Images: Serena Vittorini