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Residence of Reflection #5
Septembre 2019

Danielle Freakley is Australian artist taking part at the 5th Residence of Reflection at Hectolitre. Danielle will be editing a book of conversations from years speaking in everyday social life within the project “Equal Opportunity to be a Dictator”, and continue speaking this performative way (as you can see in the Equal Opportunity to be a Dictator Video) in public in Brussels and perform with anyone who talks to her.

Equal Opportunity To Be A Dictator

From September 2017 ongoing, Freakley speaks in social public everyday life inviting people to tell her what to say and vice versa. She does not do this in appropriate work situations, organisational situations, speaking privately with certain friends, in the studio or at home. In all other social situations, she tries to converse this way. People are invited to edit whatever words are offered in a manner true to them. Anyone is also invited to speak with others in this mode too.
Since the official launch, this work is ongoing, collaboratively made with anyone anywhere, everywhere, just chatting with whoever comes up on the way.

source: https://www.freakley.net/

Image: Video still from "Equal Opportunity To Be A Dictator", a performance by Danielle Freakley