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Residency at Trait - d'Union
Sep. 18-22, 2019

WE LO(U)VE RADIO is a collective created in 2018 by female artists whose artistic practice is built on sound and radio.

We are struck by the establishment of stereotypes even though the world is constantly changing and transformed. Above all, we want to reaffirm the need to express ourselves, as female artists, and to give a voice to the invisible beings : human or not. We want to participate in the displacement of norms, criteria, everything that prevents an emancipated and diversified society.

One theme will cross our performances: the objectification of the living. The places were the performances will take place will echo this theme and each of them will have its own voice and will speak to us. They will also welcome the community of listeners invited to participate in a ritual of de-objectification. We will convene the spirits of the ancestors, the voices of freethinkers, the witches of yesterday and today and the unheard voices that still haunt the places we will occupy together.