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January-June 2020

can't won't

Experimental writing practise recorded in Hectolitre's basement

#1 - Jennifer Brewer reads Chapter One from Book One of Elizabeth in the Woolds, an epic in three parts:

Works written to be listened to are performed to be shared online among friends, recorded in Hectolitre's basement every two weeks.
In broadcasting these staged readings, a digital exhibition assembles itself online, taking place over a duration of 6 months.
The project unity is provided by that basement: to which every writer / artist moves, through the city of Brussels, then down creaking stairs into an underground space tiled in stone and marble, where they read something they have made for the listeners, mostly fellow artists themselves contributing to the project.
This is a project of conviviality, of proximity, by necessity coming closer together for a recording in a small chamber: a project centred on the warmth of the voice in a cold room

Photo credit: Jennifer Brewer