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Sound performance
18 september, 19h30-22h


Laboratoire Sonore #13

Brussels based trio PILOOT focuses on instant composition. Pushing the limits of the accoustic instruments by using electronics and extended techniques, creating a musical journey between astral, ambient and ecstatic chaos. Improvised music where Drone, Jazz and Kraut-Rock set the tone for an unpredictable hypnotic experience. Cloaked under a veil of ambient, electronic music and anchored in free and noise music, their well-oiled ship sails us into a cosmic climax. One might think of early Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Jon Hassel, Cluster. With every single performance, the trio has shown an all-too-rare artistic integrity, exploring genres that obey no trend. To Push further their musical boundaries, Piloot invites during their Loboratoire Sonore artists and friends to perform together.