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Mar 01 - May 31, 2021

Oscar Cassamajor

Artist in Residence of Reflection #8

As a mediator between humans and nature MC Woodstick is doing research around nature in the city.
The Research will start by archiving places where nature is retaking the space with or without the help of humans.

This visual and mental archive will form the base for community bonding with the neighborhood through plants (preferably edibles).
Where are the gaps in the neighborhood where there is space for nature.

As an artist MC Woodstick aka Oscar Cassamajor is working for a youth theater next to his mediator job there he is thinking of ways to bring the stage outdoors and into the communities on communal places where hopefully there can be space for nature as our natural Ally.

As a part of WDKY.NET collective he will be making a scenography for the JUST IMAGINE TALKshow with Jimmy Imagine.