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Residence of Reflection #9
June - August 2021

Naama Freedman

Naama Freedman is an Israeli artist, musician, performer, and DJ based in Hamburg, Germany. She works in the fields of video, film, installation, and incorporates performances with music and text. In her works she uses historical references and text reciting to raise questions about intimacy, control, empathy, sexuality, the randomness of violent behavior, and the notion of determinism in human nature.
In her residency Naama will develop her radio-art concept - “Little Miss Freedman’s Variety Show” - a celebration or mayhem of music, language, sound, and text, featuring a mixture of storytelling, poetry reading, live music, and more, traveling in between languages and genres. She will create an aural journey that will transform the listener into a Flâneur based on the history, music, and peculiar stories that give Marolles neighborhood and Brussels their unique nature.