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The new programme season at Hectolitre is kicking off with a performance and installation evening featuring Naama Freedman and Vieze Meisje. Both artists are living and working at Hectolitre.

Naama Freedman is an Israeli artist, musician, performer, and DJ. She works in the fields of video, sound, installation, and incorporates performances with music and text. In her works she explores the darker side of human nature, raising questions about intimacy, control, empathy, sexuality, the randomness of violent behavior, and the notion of determinism. Naama performs as an actress and singer in productions ranging from musicals to orchestral pieces to experimental art performances. Over the years she has taken part in various music projects and is a member of the Hamburg based DJ collective Isle of Wax.

Vieze Meisje is the singing, performing and all-encompassing second self of the mere mortal Maya Mertens. She writes idiosyncratic poetry that is at once heartwarmingly honest, hilariously funny and, at times, brutally elegant.Vieze Meisje has a fangirl/fanboy collaboration going on with her producing brother-from-another-mother Azertyklavierwerke, who composes acrobatic beats, loops and sounds for a deconstructed dance feast that ends in complete sonoric mayhem. Once you have heard and/or witnessed Vieze Meisje, you are forever part of life’s Vieze Cirkel.

Practical info:
Saturday, 21st August 2021
Vernissage 18h
Performances 20h - 22h
Rue de l’Hectolitre 3-5
1000 Bruxelles

Entrance fee: 5 € (cash only at place)
Limited places
Reservations obligatory at hectolitre.rsvpify.com