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Hectolitre invites you for an art programme opening with an exhibition by Mojdeh Abkar, and following with a performance by David Labi, both artists currently working at Hectolitre.
The Exhibitions that never happened by Mojdeh Abkar is a part of a reservoir of (un)real painting exhibitions at art spaces and galleries in Belgium. It reflects on painting’s own materiality, its self-referentiality as a medium, and its locational frame. Probing at the idea of direct physical contact with supposedly exhibited paintings, this series investigates painting not only as a medium, but as an institution. These imaginary exhibitions are a painterly intepretation of the imagery of art exhibitions as they mythologise the source material and the space. Mojdeh Abkar is a Brussels-based artist who uses a research-based process of making and presenting painting as a medium in an institutional context. She treats paintings as a personalised semiotic activity, while maintaining the traces of subjectivity and painterly labour.
ESCAPE from the HOSPITAL is a story of fatherhood and identity, performed by David Labi. Marcello Labi lived the 20th century – born into colonialism, dragged through the Holocaust, reaching manhood in the young state of Israel, settling in London in the swinging sixties… Marcello forged an identity for himself. A bling, bipolar gambler whom nobody could forget. But his heavy baggage would take a terrible toll. His youngest son David is a storyteller based in Brussels. He’s travelled around the world, and lived various lives to grapple with his legacy. Now he performs a story of Marcello: the myth and the man – with visuals, music, and a death-defying jump.Join this narrative rollercoaster through childhood trauma, rampant mythology, roaring success, cataclysmic failure, and epic rebirth.

Practical info:
Wednesday, September 01, 2021
Vernissage 18h
Performance 20h30 (1h)
Rue de l’Hectolitre 3-5
1000 Bruxelles
Prix Libre - Limited Places
Reservations at hectolitre.rsvpify.com