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Piloot is an instrumental trio formed in Brussels (Belgium) in 2015 by flutist Florian Guibert, double bass player Cyrille de Haes and drummer JP De Gheest.
Characterised by their love for improvised and avant-garde music as well as their involvement into the multidisciplinary performance scene, Piloot opens the gate of synesthetic music and explores uncharted sonic landscapes. With every single performance, sometimes alongside visual artists, dancers, writers or featuring other musicians, the trio has shown an all-too-rare artistic integrity.
One might think of early Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Jon Hassel, Cluster.
« Adventurous music mixing a variety of genres to create an impressive and surprising result. Dreamy and astral, or just trance-generating and kraut, these are the two facets of the fascinating trio Piloot. » Gonzo Circus

Practical info:
Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Live performance - 20h
Ticket: 8 Euro
Limited seats
Reservations at piloot.music@gmail.com
Rue de l’Hectolitre 3-5
1000 Bruxelles