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Spaces for Spaces performance: Jeanne Gilbert
Jeanne Gilbert will test what can happen in the space of Hectolitre.

magic 4 me&u

No one answered the questions - is it a dream or is it fake, is it a diary or is it the news, is it love or is it sad, is it me or everyone else? The performance wanders between entertainment as a one-person-show, an experimental musical and an auto-fiction stroll in Hectolitre. Hopefully it’s okay that nothing makes sense nor matters, as long as we share this together in the end.

Produced by Sad Girl Entertainment

21h - Door open
21h30-22h - Performance

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Pay what you can evening programme at Hectolitre
Rue de l'Hectolitre 3, 1000 Bru
Please register by answering this email: jesse.van.winden@jubilee-art.org

No Covid Safe Ticket / Seats limited / Mask obligatory.