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Launch F̶a̶i̶r̶ Kin Arts Almanac
A celebration by State of The Arts

September 09, 2023 at 15:00 until 15:45
1 hour long +-
Hectolitre (Reactor space)

Rue de l'Hectolitre 3,
1000 Bruxelles

On Saturday, September 09th, we will celebrate the launch of the Fair Kin Arts Almanac.

Please feel welcome for a brunch in the Zenne Garden in Anderlecht (find here the route description) or join us at any point during the our tour through town!

With the musical accompaniment of Far Fare, an experimental mini-fanfare in trio (accordion, percussion and trumpeter) and readings by various artists at every stopover.

Please subscibe and let us know if you want to attend the brunch or stay tuned to join the group during the tour!


Note > We count with the sun being out that day. In case of bad weather, we’d update you per mail, sms or whatsapp about an alternative route.

11h00 – 12h30 > brunch at the Zenne Garden

12h30 – 13h15 – tour passes by Wiels, Brass, Maxima and Green Corridor

13h15 – 14h00 > La Vieille Chéchette

14h00 – 15h00 – tour passes by Constant and Pianofabriek

15h00 – 15h45 > Hectolitre

15h45 – 16h15 tour passes by Brigittine and Bozar

16h15 – 16h45 > Kunstenpunt

16h45 – 17h15 tour passes by Beursschouwburg, Passa Porta, Le Bellone, Bronks, Argos, Rile

17h15 – 19h30 > festival centre Het Theaterfestival (at the KVS)

And here we’ll drink a beer!