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Hectolitre Book Launch
Hectolitre Art Space celebrates 5 remarkable years!

November 16th, 2023 at 20:00 until 22:00
door opens at 19h00
2 hours long +-
Hectolitre (Reactor space)

Rue de l'Hectolitre 3,
1000 Bruxelles

On Thursday, November 16th, we will celebrate book launch that talks about an amazing journey of Hectolitre.

To honour this momentous milestone, we've worked hard on compiling the tales, reflections, and synthesis of our incredible journey so far into a gorgeous book,
Hectolitre: Story of a Brussels Art Space.

Come help us launch the book with drinks, performance and art, and celebrate half a decade of artistic passion and community exchange at Hectolitre!



9-channel sound sculpture

or a sound system that playfully speculates the possibility of a loudspeaker to function simultaneously as an acoustic diffuser panel. A positive Brusselization has formed its shape through the influence of city’s skyline, unconstrained architecture and flexible moving bodies.

….or a sonic piece that narrates a story of an imaginary electronic music composer amigoismyfriend, whose newest album is previewed by imaginary radio DJ. The songs are inspired by the city and mediated in broken French allowing the original meaning of lyrics to distort into vocal expressions that might convey misunderstandings.

…or a platform for sonic art practitioners, performers and bodily listeners.

ele-gi-eli is a conclusive chapter for the sound triptych consisting of two earlier works L=10 and ||: o / dear<3 :||

Ari-Pekka Leinonen works with performatic sound art installations that utilise sound projection with multiple loudspeakers. Other than that he is interested in carpenting, possibilities of loudspeakers as wooden sculptures and how the sound systems create platforms for moving bodies and for sonic storytelling.



19h00 - door opening

20h00 – book launch

20h30 - sound performance by Ari-Pekka Leinonen (50')
22h00 – the end