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The ARALDICA BALLAD is an installation, performance and dinner for max 25 people (reservation needed).

January 19th, 20:00-22:00,doors open at 19h

@ Rue de l'Hectolitre 3, Hectolitre, Brussels

third floor, living room

Heralds are made of emblems about animals and sacred shapes, layered in memory. Like a language that speaks across words.

Over a period of two years by practicing social dreaming in various environments, an archive of neo-myths came out, in the shape of images drawn after a while, letting them sediment in the memory that generated their forms. These images are now transformed into heralds, banners that flag up.

“Stendardo (banner) is what stands in front, even if only by one step. The troops that follow it, its faithful, are the hunters, who once followed the trail of the animal-guide without ever reaching it. But that pursuit shaped their life, composed it. There is no more intimate relationship than that between the banner and the warrior. Now the pursuit continues, even though the banner barely overtakes them and its faithful are no longer hunters.”

Medieval aesthetics, fireplace to heat up the room, candlelit banquet and a ballad raised, spread amongst the diners, to sing about an abyssum of renovated symbols.

Chiara Prodi was born in Brianza, north of Milano. She grew up in between the flat landscape of industries, forgotten rural habits of Brianza and the peaks of the alps in Val Gerola. There she spent summers and every weekend, her neighbor taught her how to take care of his own cows, and make cheese and butter and ricotta, as the tradition of Storico Ribelle.

She studied sculpture and visual arts and her interests came closer and closer to the process more than the final result of the sculpting itself. This brought her to the word of performative arts.

Her work is in this place in between, where sculptures and installations come alive thanks to the interaction with people.