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a reading + virtual walk

by Betül Sefika

A test run of some fiction on subliminal violence, on pettiness and on whether or not you can make someone’s life horrible by monitoring the yelp/google reviews of the venues in their habitat.

Read to you by the author and accompanied by a virtual tour of Amsterdam.

Monday, 19th of February, 2024 from 20:30h to 22:00h

@ Rue de l'Hectolitre 3, Reactor

price: 5 euros.

(Please bring cash)


Betül Sefika is a poet and visual artist based in Brussels.

Having a graphic design background, her writings try to draw the formal attributes of their media into their content. Her visual work revolves mainly around materialising absence.

The requirements of a language that wants to refer to absence, without filling it’s void and becoming the subject, make that her imagery is often of an intimate, airy, fragmented and/or small scaled quality.


In addition to studying, concocting and then externalising the sneakiest of interrelational acts of violence for ‘Revenge Yelp Warfare By Proxy’, she spends her days at Hectolitre probing translucent and reflective materials in order to translate drawings into more spatial work and assembling sketches and stray sentences, slowly constructing a zine with Bored Wolves in Krakow.



20:00 > door opens

20:30 > starting time

22:00 > door closes

“I won’t hurt you, promise xx”