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was born out of a series of workshops by Seijiro Murayama

SKEW is a an international collective consisting of 11 improvisers living in Brussels and France. We come together around the desire to deepen a primordial research concerning the practice of non-idiomatic improvisation.

Sunday, 14th of April, 2024 from 19:00h to 22:00h

@ Rue de l'Hectolitre 3, Reactor

The project engages in collective improvisation in the form of "parallel solos“ - several musicians play together while each one retains their solo.


19:00 > door opens

19:30 > performance starts

20:15 > break 15'

21:45 > end

22:00 > door closes

At Hectolitre, we will be present with: Ana Simon (flute) Andrès Navarro (percussion) Marcello Giannandrea (bassoon) Mattia Massolini (double bass) Roger Fähndrich (e. guitar, voice) Seijiro Murayama (percussion, voice) Other members of SKEW are: Hugo Abraham (double bass) Cyprien Busolini (viola) David Eyguesier (electric guitar) Victor Guaita (viola) Mathieu Lilin (baritone sax)