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Atelier partagé is an artist-in-studio project at Hectolitre, with an aim to provide artists an affordable working space, assist their project, and invite them to strengthen the exchange at the Hectolitre.

Where it is and what it includes?
Atelier partagé will take place on the second floor of the Hectolitre’s closed atrium + supplementary venues of the bar, WC, yard, and the basement/storage. The working area of around 65m2 consists of two rooms and two balconies, visually particular and acoustically connected to the Reactor (ex-club atrium). The café/bar place with storage/backstage and WC is around 120m2 and the shared garden is around 200m2. Please, see the map and photos attached to the PDF file here.

When it is available and for how long?
Space is available from May to Septembre, 2019. As the working area can be accessed only through the Reactor (ground-level + 1st floor), the activities at the studio will need to pause during the days of public events, general rehearsals, and vernissages, which frequency is 1-2 times a month. Artist will have 7/24 access, with the respect of noise levels in period 20h-07h.

How it will work?
Once we receive your application and meet to understand your working method, we will invite 3-5 artists to share the space and the costs. We ask 200 euros per month in total (building charges included!) for the whole working area + supplementary venues. In return, we expect from you to self-govern your working needs, and respect, maintain and adapt/adjust the space if needed. You will be also invited to join the Hectolitre’s collective, being solidar to others and responsive to the project in general.

If interested, please fulfill the form here:

For any additional info, please write to:
Mladen, mladen@hectolitre.space;
Nicolas, nicolas@hectolitre.space